Opening the mind’s eye

Clairvoyance is our second sight - our spiritual insight - it comes in “visually” to our mind’s eye, or third eye.


This week you’re going to discover what your relationship to clairvoyance is like! For each person it’s completely different, and we all “see” in our mind’s eye in very different ways! Through the meditation for the week & your continued tapping in and you are going to begin to learn what clairvoyance looks and feels like for YOU.

What’s in store for this week:

  • Watch the video lesson below to learn a bit more about clairvoyance, and get an overview of the practices we will be going through for our Soul Work this week, and learn why it’s SUPER important to close your third eye after this work

  • Continue to do your “Tapping In” meditation at least 3 times a week.

  • Go through your workbook exercises - including your clair quiz to determine what your dominant clair is!

  • Dive deep into your meditation to open your third eye - and play around with “seeing” on your own!




In this video we will cover:

  • What “clear seeing” means for YOU

  • How to tune into when clairvoyance is playing out in your mind

  • Which chakra will best support your work with clairvoyance

  • Why it’s absolutely necessary to disconnect when done doing Soul Work



In this meditation you will:

  • Practice going into your white room

  • Learn how to open up your third eye space

  • Practice “seeing” with your mind’s eye

  • Learn to close your third eye

Press Play

It can’t be said enough times and in enough ways that there is no right way to “see” with your mind’s eye.

During this meditation, you will be guided through a practice of exploring what it is to consciously “see” with your eyes closed. You will be exploring a space that is very familiar to you, one that is safe, and one that you feel comfortable in - your room!

As you go through the meditation, just take note of what comes easily, what you find difficult, and afterward, spend some time journaling in your Reflect & Integrate pages about your experience.

Do this meditation several times this week and notice any shifts in how your third eye feels as it opens, the ease or difficulty of seeing, and any other things that come up.