What’s your clair?

TO YOUR clairs & your INTUITION


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ONLINE: October 11th through December 5th, 2019

IN PERSON: October 8th to November 19th, 2019


Have you ever had a moment where….


Have you ever had that moment where you “just knew” something? Come to find out were right. Or a time you were thinking of your best friend, and the next thing you know your phone vibrates and it’s her? Next thought that runs through your mind is - “oh that’s just a coincidence”. There comes a time when these coincidences have happened one too many times and you're ready to learn more, ready to uncover how this works.

What you’re using is what I like to call your spidey senses (yes, that’s the technical term for what you have). We all have a way of interpreting information that is being given to us, some call it: receiving messages, downloads, intuition, gifts….there are lots of names for it, but at the end of the day we all interpret this information through our extra sensory perception called our Clairs.


Your sensitivity is your biggest gift, mama. And it’s time to trust it.


It’s time to learn to tap into your spiritual gifts, also known as your clairs. It’s time to open that powerful gateway of intuition you’ve got, and work with your sensitivities like a friend and mentor. Little known fact - your spiritual gifts are actually SUPER practical - like help you develop a deep level of trust in yourself to show up for life in all that ways that feel impossible right now, practical - you’ve just got to learn to use them.

Heart shouting, “YES, PLEASE!!!”?

Join me for Spiritually Curious

A 7-week course that was designed just for YOU, the gifted woman who hasn’t quite figured out what that means or how to use it yet.



That’s me, ilia, your guide along the Spiritually Curious journey!

That’s me, ilia, your guide along the Spiritually Curious journey!

Throughout the 7-weeks you will explore topics like:

  • How to connect with your higher self and chat with your guides (you know they’re out there, it’s time to meet them, mama!)

  • What your dominant clair style is

  • How to strengthen each clair style within yourself

  • How to connect with the subtle energy within you and all around you

  • How to you know the voice of your intuition, tap into it, and use it

  • How to feel grounded and secure in your gifts

  • What having spiritual gifts means for your identity and life as it is now

  • Managing the overwhelm that can come with spiritual gifts

  • Managing unexplained anxiety

  • How to navigate your extreme sensitivities

  • How to maintain your connection to source, your intuition and your guides

  • Using chakras as our guide (don’t worry no previous chakra experience necessary!)

  • and more….




Not doubting your gifts anymore. Not being afraid of your own abilities. Not worrying what other people think. Just living in the confidence and comfort of being fully expressed in your gifts and in your life…

Over the 7-weeks of study, you will be guided along a concentrated and intentional journey of understanding and trusting your clairs and your intuition. This is about more than spiritual insight - this is about no longer being afraid.

Each week you’ll receive video lessons, guided meditations, and workbooks that explain each clair style so you know without a doubt when your intuition is talking & finally feel safe to depend on that knowing.

You came here to do something more, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. It’s time to live in connection with that deeper part of you you’ve always known was there.



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Course Details


Course dates:

ONLINE: October 11th through December 5th, 2019

IN PERSON: October 8th to November 19th, 2019

Course Investment:


Course Structure:

This 7-week series will unfold as follows:

  • Weekly content modules delivered to you via email every Friday evening

  • With the content of the week, you will receive specific, actionable soul work to delve deep into an experiential understanding of the content and learning the practical application of the tools being presented

  • Group coaching calls every Thursday evening from 8-9 pm EST to cover the content of the previous week (replays will be available to watch if you aren’t able to make it one week)

  • Weekly guidance, check in’s & open Q&A during the calls

  • Group spiritual coaching & accountability as we go deeper into our spiritual practice

No previous meditation experience or metaphysically inclined knowledge necessary! All curious hearts wanting to learn more are welcome.

***NOTE - You can join the course digitally, or in person at Mama’s Wellness Joint in Philly. If you will be joining for the IN PERSON course taking place at Mama’s Wellness joint in Philly, course details are slightly different, however, we will cover all of the same material! Click here for the full details.




It’s time to turn your CURIOSITY into CONFIDENCe

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On overview of what we’ll cover:


Week One: Learning to “Tap In” to your guides, Angels, and higher self

Week Two: Clairvoyance - clear seeing

Week Three: Clairaudience - clear hearing

Week Four: Clairsentience - clear feeling

Week Five: Integration of what’s been covered so far

Week Six: Claircognizance - clear knowing

Week Seven: Applying what you’ve learned to practical life going forward!


This course will help you determine your dominant clair-style and how to strengthen it. You will also learn how to deepen your connection each of your non-dominant clairs and utilize them as well.

Through weekly guided mediation and “soul work” (home work), you will learn how to use each clair, as well as strengthen your intuition and discover how truly connected you are to the subtle energy all around us.

Each week will come with:

  • Video lessons for each topic that will dive deep into:

    • What each clair entails

    • Common indicators that you have that particular gift

    • How to open up each gift

    • How balance each gift

    • How to practically use each gift

  • Guided meditations

  • Workbooks with:

    • Further explanations of each clair

    • Exercises to develop your relationship with each clair and gift

    • Soul work to begin to apply and use the gifts

    • Quick facts & reference material for your continued study

It is possible to use your gift of sensitivity in a way that leaves you feel empowered at the end of every day, not exhausted.

Ready to learn how?




Maybe your friends meditate, and it totally changed their lives, but you just can’t get into it…
Maybe you already do yoga, and are craving connection with something deeper…
Maybe you want to be more present in your life…
Maybe you’re scared because time just keeps going faster and faster and you feel like the moment to make the change you know you need to make has already gone…
Maybe you’ve always felt like you have to live on the sidelines of life…
Maybe you’ve been holding a secret for way too long, and just need to let it out…
Maybe you are tired of putting everyone else first and want to learn to love and care for yourself…
Maybe your life is full of coincidences you can’t explain, and you know there’s gotta be a reason why…
Maybe you know you’re meant to be doing something different, but just don’t know what or how…
Maybe you’re just curious…
Maybe you’re just ready…


Whatever it is, you know you’re ready to understand and uncover more. You’re ready to connect with your gifts. You’re ready to confidently trust in the deeper awareness of all that you are.



Hi mama, I’m ilia. Your Spiritually Curious Guide.

This course was birthed from a deep need I had when I starting my journey as a healer, space holder, and teacher. I wished and wished for Spiritually Curious - but never found it. Instead, I spent way too long overwhelmed and confused trying to piece things together.

Now, I’ve taken all that I pieced together and bundled it up for you!

If you have been longing for PRACTICAL tools to make your life easier; if you have a strong desire to go deeper into your personal practice, this series is for you!

I know the effects trying to navigate our gifts on our own can have on our families, our relationships, our careers, and our own bodies and minds. It’s A LOT.

And while there is SO much to discover on our spiritual journeys, each thing we learn brings us closer to our personal truth, to the place where we feel at home in our bodies, at home in our hearts, and safe to share with the world.

I am honored to do this work, and so look forward to working with you!

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I’ve taken a lot of online courses, but never finished them….I’m super curious to enroll in this one, but don’t want to waste my money again!

Mama, I hear you. We’ve all been in that space where we want to show up for ourselves and the things we want to do, but just can’t seem to! Spiritually Curious is 1000% the place you need to be. Over the course of deepening your relationship to your intuition, you will also be in constant practice of what it is to honor yourself and the commitments your Soul needs you to make - meaning you’ll be working practices that get you out of old self sabotaging habits and into elevating choices!

Will this course teach me how to be a healer & open up a practice?

This is a foundational course in building up a present and precise inner self awareness. You will learn tools and techniques for SELF awareness and self healing. This may open up a calling within you to be a healer, however, we will not address using these tools and techniques for healing other people, nor opening a healing practice, during this course (stay tuned for that one!).

What if I can’t make some of the group coaching calls?

When you sign up for this course you are making a promise to show up fully for yourself. Part of this is giving yourself permission to be fully present for the whole ride - including the calls. The calls are where we will build our sisterhood, a common space for us to share openly and an opportunity to connect with other women going through a similar experience. These calls are for YOU, and they will be available for replay, but you will get the most from this program when you can participate.

So, what happens after I sign up?

Woohoo! Me, all your guides, and all the Angels do a HUGE happy dance for you because you just made the best decision of your life! And then you get an email in your inbox from me with all of the details on what to do next!

What if I go through the course, and it doesn’t work for me? What is your refund policy?

I truly believe in this program and how much it has supported the spiritually curious sisters who have taken it, however, if for whatever reason after you have gone through the course in it’s entirety, submitted all 7-weeks of material, shown up for ALL of the calls, and turned in ALL of your Soul work, and STILL aren’t satisfied with the program, I will gladly offer you a refund in full. *** Do note, if asking for a refund, all materials must be submitted fully completed within 48-hours of the final call.


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Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.

- Chinese Proverb -

Join us for Spiritually Curious and open up the doorway to your something more.
It’s time, mama.