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Learn all the Elder Futhark Runes (including reversals) with this 57 page downloadable notebook.

Downloadable Rune Notebook Journal to Learn Rune Stones

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What do I get in the download?

Inside there are pages for every Elder Futhark Rune both upright and reversed. Each page has an image of the Rune and space to write your own thoughts on alternative spellings, images, keywords, astrology,  associations and meanings.


Free Runes Journal Download

How do I use the notebook?

You can choose to either print off a page as you work on learning the Runes or you can print them all off and put them into a binder straight away to allow you to see how you are progressing through the learning.

I've added dividers for each Aett so you can easily sort the Runes how you would like.

You can work through them in whichever way you like and maybe use them as a compliment to a course that you're taking to provide some extra note taking space.

Printing instructions are included in the email with the file so be sure to add your correct email to get the file.

Whatever you do I'd love to hear from you to see how you get on using them.